Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is this stuff under my leg?

Benjamin doesn't like the grass. He kept lifting his right leg trying to get the grass off.

Bubbles, Puppies and Noodles

I learn so much from children. Yesterday, we blew bubbles in the house and in the backyard. Everyone (including me) loved watching the bubbles swirl and pop around all of us. The kids shrieked with delight and jumped around. They were so joyous over cheap, messy bubbles. The puppies joined us for the bubble brigade. The puppies gave all of us big kisses which was a welcome bath to the kids. Then, we all went out to eat at Hudat's and ate noodles. Is there a better way to end the day? Children find such delight in these little things. What is the lesson God is trying to teach me? Hmm. We're commanded to be like children. Am I to find joy in little things? Or, is it when I'm called upon to be obedient that God will give me peace and joy in His service. Raising children in the Lord is a commandment and when you are obedient He gives you joy. I'm not sure what the lesson is, but either one has been well taught today.

Can't we keep him?

Today, I was packing up Keegan's things because he is going home tomorrow. Marymae comes in and asked me what I was doing. I told her that Keegan's parents were coming home tomorrow and that they were going to pick him up. She looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Mom, I thought we was (sic) going to keep him." I told her we did keep him, but he had to go home. She didn't like that at all and she said, "I wanted to keep him, him's mom and dad can have Buster." That's our dog. So, I guess Greg and Melissa are getting a dog and we're keeping Keegan.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

videoMarymae decided that her friend Keegan needed a little color on his nails. Using her makeup kit from the Easter bunny (what was that Easter bunny thinking?), she painted Keegan's nails. I'm sure when his parents asked me to keep him they didn't realize I was going to let him go soft on them. Luckily, the polish is washable (thank you, Easter bunny).

A lesson in sticks

I'm keeping a kiddo from my church this week while his parents are out of town. Marymae really likes him. She "mothers" him all the time. Here, she's telling him all about sticks and the wood he can find in the park. He seems to be taking it all in.
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I think I'll eat this one.
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Fill me up Buttercup!

I love my babies in the flowers. The bluebonnets are skimpy this year, but the buttercups are plentiful. Benjamin tried to eat one. It was pretty cute--I mean, what else can he do with those two teeth up front?
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Blackhawk helicopter and 9 kids

We went to the Lexington for a field trip yesterday. I took this picture of the kids. I had four with me, my three plus my neice, Harley and a friend of mine has five children. We walked all over that ship--up and down stairs and in and out of corridors. Remarkably, it wasn't that bad. I had to take their picture, though, because it's a lot of kids.
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Allen found this tree to climb.

We went to Hilltop today and walked on the walking trail. Allen found this huge tree that had been blown over. He climbed it like any 11 year old boy would do and I took his picture from the ground. Cool, huh? I tried to hand Benjamin to him, but he wouldn't take the baby. He was too afraid that he'd slip. Allen is very protective of Benjamin.
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Don't wash my mouth out!

Tonight, on the way home from a ballgame, Marymae kicked her brother on the leg. When I asked her why she kicked him, she denied any wrongdoing. I said, "Marymae, don't lie to me. I will wash those lies out of your mouth" to which she promptly replied, "No, there are no lies in there." Jerry and I both cracked up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That face

Am I ever going to be able to spank him? That's going to get him out of so much trouble.
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Is he naked or is he just so chunky you can't see his diaper? Guess....
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Can you count the rolls?

Benjamin is such a chunky monkey that people come up to me everywhere and squeeze on him and say "look at those thighs". I'm like, "I have the same thighs, but no one thinks mine are cute!". I liked this picture of his half naked because you can really see those sweet little rolls.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

4 Generations

At Easter, my Nanny and Grandad were at the lake house and it occurred to me that I didn't have a picture of them with Benjamin (recently). Then, I decided I wanted a picture with Benjamin, me, my dad and my Nanny and Grandad, so we took one. This is a four generation picture. My Grandad and Nanny are in their 80's, my dad is in his 60's, I'm in my teens and Benjamin is brand new. Isn't that cool? I love this picture.

Allen and Benjamin sleep the same way!

I walked into the bedroom where Allen and Benjamin were asleep and was so surprised to find them sleeping on their tummys with their left arms up by their heads. People always say how much alike they look and now I'm wondering if their going to act alike also--you know, have some of the same habits. Genetics, hmmm.

My beautiful children

Does everyone think their children are this beautiful or am I just so conceited to actually think that? I dressed them in their Easter clothes for church and had to take their picture because they were so priceless. My mom bought Marymae and Benjamin's matching outfits and Jerry and Allen wore their white shirts and kahkis. I just sat and gazed at them because I couldn't believe God had blessed me with such special little gifts. I don't deserve such a great blessing. And, yes, Jerry is one of those gifts too. Although he is not a child, God chose him just for me and see the perfectness in God's plan. Who else could put up with me? --only a sweet, easy-going guy, that's for sure.

more owl stories

We went to the lake house Easter Sunday and my brother and his family had discovered this owl nesting in a tree in the middle part of the lake. We all went to get a closer look and got to see these owl babies. If you look closely, you can see the bones and pieces of pellet the owls spit out after they eat. We found a pellet and took it back to the cabin and took it apart. It was very cool to see the babies and their mom (a great horned owl) and see how God cares for His creation. God has it perfectly orchestrated for these owls to survive and He provides all their needs. How much more will He do for us?

We're installing a new floor

O.k. I've had carpet long enough. We decided to install laminate flooring. So far, so good and I sure do love how clean it looks. I hope I continue to like it. When we pulled up the carpet, there was a layer of sand underneath it. And, under the sand was tile! It looked like tile you might find in a nursing home, but tile nonetheless. It even smelled like a nursing home.

Easter eggs are so fun to make

We dyed eggs for Easter. The kids loved it. Even I like to dye eggs. We ate them after that. Marymae did not like the yellow part. It made her gag.

Marymae plays dress up

Isn't she lovely? Marymae loves to dress up in her princess clothes. Nothing ever matches.

Benjamin is crawling!

Benjamin started crawling March 18th. It's so cute. He's almost 11 months old and probably should have been crawling a couple of months ago, but who can put him down? I mean, really, I have to hold him as often as I can. He's such a joy. I'm glad he's crawling, but I'm sad he's growing so fast. I've learned so much from losing Samuel and that never get the time back to spend with your children. Eat it up. Use every minute you possibly can and love them truly. Show them how to play with their shadows, play house with them, sing with them, play Wii with them, play patty cake, bake cookies, catch bugs, smell them, rub their heads and kiss on them and blow bubbles. Are you beginning to think I'm psycho? Point is, love your children; they grow so fast.

Brock comes to visit

Brock was off of school last week for spring break and he came over Monday and stayed until Wednesday. The boys had a great time. They played basketball, Wii, PSII, and paint ball. They stayed up late and ate whatever they wanted. They shot paint ball for five hours at a friends house and used almost 4,000 paint balls. We loved having Brock here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girls in dresses

Jerry's mom made the girl cousins matching dresses. Aren't they cute? We went to the Easter egg hunt at church and they wore their dresses. They all played basketball together and then hunted eggs. Jerry's niece, Lexi, only picked up pink eggs! It was so funny. I looked in her basket and all she had was pink, more than a dozen of them ALL pink. She skipped over any other color!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Petco field trip--where the homeschoolers go.

We attended a field trip today at Petco. My children got to handle all sorts of things. From a big, black scorpion to lizards and birds of all shapes and sizes, they showed NO fear. I was terrified. They loved it. I think they even learned something--I'm not sure.

Polyphemus! We found one!

As you know, Allen is all about Entomology (study of insects). The other day, we made a most wonderful find--a Polyphemus moth. We were so excited. We froze him (like we do all good bugs), pinned him and dried him. This is our final result. Isn't he gorgeous? Those wing spots you see that look silverish are actually a transparent film on the wing. You can actually see through them. Cool huh? God makes some remarkable creatures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yummy keys

What are these things in my mouth?

Benjamin is not so sure about his new teeth. He turns his tongue funny to feel them. It's real cute.

A great big brother

I think Allen will be such a good daddy. He is awesome with Benjamin. He loves him so much and Benjamin is perfectly comfortable with Allen. It's so sweet.

Pizza Mia

We made pizza Monday at the local Dominoes. They let the kids smush the dough, sling it, add sauce and toppings, then bake it. They even got to fold their own box for the pizza. We had a homeschool field trip there, the cost was $5.00 per pizza, cheap for the fun the kids had doing it. I even made one and I don't like pizza.