Thursday, July 31, 2008

If 1 is good, 3 is better!

Do you think Benjamin is a paci boy? He likes to have one in each hand and one in his mouth and he likes to trade them out.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My mom is t-r-o-u-b-l-e!

For those of you who think that I'm onery, you ought to meet my mother. This picture is of her and her brothers and sister. It was taken at her oldest brother's birthday party (he turned 70). From right to left, they are Butch, Johnny, my mom, Annie. Notice the bunny ears? Do you see the smirk on my mom's face. T-r-o-u-b-l-e. Now you know where I get it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hallow Leg!

I think Marymae must have a hallow leg or is just on a growth spurt. This is what she had for lunch: two mugs of chicken and stars, a banana, a package of fruit snacks, half an apple, a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey and a cinnamon/sugar donut. Whoa! If she wasn't so skinny, I'd be concerned by all of that, but I'm thinking she just needed to EAT.

By the way, when I asked her in the middle of all of this if she would eat anything she laid her eyes on, she said no, only what she could get into her "hainds". Hmmmm.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our little vacation, Part III

So, what's up with the rocks, right? On our little trip, we stayed at my grandparent's lake house north of San Antonio. Years ago, when I was in elementary school, we used to stay there and spend a week or so at a time. As children, we built these "forts" out of rocks. Those rocks have been like that for about 30 years! Isn't that cool? Our "forts" have remained in those woods relatively untouched for that long. The big one Allen is sitting in is the main fort, the second, smaller one is my personal fort I built by myself. We played in those woods for hours on end bulding those rock forts and playing in them. We uncovered numerous scorpions under those rocks and were never stung. I love the lake house. I even like the way it smells. Jerry and I are trying to spend more time up there. My children got to spend some one on one time with my grandparents, they got to feed deer (out of their hands), they got to get filthy in leaves and dirt and Allen got to shoot his bb gun at old rusty cans. What great memories. Fiesta Texas and the Zoo were great, but it can never match the forts or deer or great-grandparents.

Oh, the last picture is of Marymae and her hat she found somewhere in the lake house. She wore it with her nightgown because she thought it matched.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our little vacation, Part II

On our vacation, we also went to the San Antonio Zoo. I love the zoo. In fact, I like it better than Sea World or Fiesta Texas. My two favorite places in the zoo are the Lorikeets and the butterflies. They are very hands-on places and I love that kind of stuff. I also thoroughly enjoy the train around Breckenridge Park. It's the kid in me, I guess.

Benjamin liked the Lorikeets, but he was a little afraid of them. He kinda has a fake interest in them here.
Marymae got to hold a butterfly. I think this picture of her is so sweet. Doesn't she look angelic?
Allen and Jerry feed the lorikeets. You could buy cups of nectar and they loved it. They really liked Allen and Jerry's necklaces, too. At one point, there were two or three on them at a time.
I just think this picture is hysterical. That's the fattest groundhog I've ever seen.
Marymae is serious about feeding the lorikeets.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Samuel's Swings

Jerry and I have been blessed beyond our imaginations. God has been good to us even in times when we wondered where God was. One of the saddest times of our lives was when Samuel was stillborn. I felt forsaken by our Lord and couldn't understand why He had taken this baby home. Of course, I see the plan now looking back and how God has worked everything together for good. There will always be one voice missing in our home and in our family gatherings and sometimes that "voice" is the loudest for me, but I have found peace in allowing myself to think of Samuel and who he'd be. One blessing God has given us recently is the ability to donate a nice swingset to our playground at church. We have named them Samuel's Swings and they were installed last week while we were on vacation. I love them. As my family swung on them, I was taken back to the night I was told Samuel was dead, then to the funerals, the burial, the despair for months, the infertility, the blessing of Marymae and the miracle of Benjamin. God has been so good to us! We chose to give swings because Allen could always "see" into heaven on swings and tell me what Samuel was doing with Jesus. I believe he had a window in heaven then and that God gave me peace through the things Allen told me. These swings are another source of peace for me--a realization that I'll never forget, I'll always ache to hold my boy, but that God is close to us and He'll never let us down.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner...

Look who we saw today! The weinermobile was at HEB in Calallen. We took hotdog pics and got weiner whistles. How fun was that? We were on vacation last week. I'll post those photos soon.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will he be a plumber?

Benjamin emptied the entire contents of the bathroom trash can into the toilet while Jerry was "watching" him. He was sooooo proud of himself. When Jerry discovered him, he had me come take this picture because it is pretty funny. He also threw Marymae's toothbrush in the toilet--I guess he found it on the side of the bathtub. It was one of those motorized ones with Diego on it. She was sad I had to throw it away. I guess we'll have to keep the bathroom door closed....
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Marymae talk

Marymae has her own language--Can you figure out what she's saying?

While jumping off the pier into the lake, she screams, "Kaynoball!"

Today she told me, "Benjamin has the hook-ups."

At the park, she said, "Mom, I have aints in my saindals!"

She likes to go to her "grayma's house" and see "Haynah" (my mom's dog).

Marymae puts her "paints" on then her "shirk".

She insists she is not a boy, but a "girrrr".

She also makes up songs. Recently, she was singing, "I have to go t.t., I have to go t.t., I have to go t.t." over and over again. It about drove me nuts. So, I asked her if she really had to go and she told me she didn't so I said, "Marymae, please sing something else, you're driving me crazy". She replied, "No, Mom, you're driving me crazy." OOOOhhh. Jerry and I both hid our laughter, then Marymae got in trouble for talking ugly to me. But, it was pretty funny.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunset at the lake

Sunsets at the lake are God breathed. I cannot describe how beautiful they are. Pictures just don't do it justice, but I try everytime I can thinking that someday I'll get the shot that brings home the beauty of it. I've sat on the pier my entire life and watched these sunsets and every time I marvel at the beauty God made. I never tire of watching them. How does God take something so ordinary and make it extraordinary for me time and time again? I take sunset forgranted when I'm home and cannot see it, but when I sit and see it at the lake, I'm struck by it. "Wow!" I tell myself, "This happens every night."

4th of July

Look at this ball of sand, Mom. I'm going to feed it to the fish! I told her fish don't eat sand, but she fed it to them anyway.
Beck showed me his fish he caught. Isn't it cute?
Benjamin stares at a sparkler. He thought the fireworks were pretty scary especially when the cabin two doors down put on their thousand dollar fireworks extravaganza. It was loud for a little guy.
Lolly and Henley made (are you ready for this?) oreo cookie sandwiches. Gross, right? They made them and ate them for lunch. It's the lake so it works for us!
My daddy found this little green tree frog. It was so sticky and slimy. I tried to get Benjamin to hold it, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. I let it hop on me, but Benjamin was scared. In fact, he shook he was so scared of this little guy. The frog was so pretty, though. It was a deep dark green and had a cool yellow stripe down one side. I'm not sure what kind of frog it was. My dad found him in the motor compartment of his boat stuck to the wall. We had fun playing with him and letting his sucker feet stick on us.

4th of July continued....

I have so many 4th of July pictures, you might be seeing them for days. We had a great weekend up at the lake. Brandon and Steph came down from Houston, Bruce and Holley's family and Josh and Sheridan's family were there. Of course, my mom's side of the family all has cabins up there, so they were all there too. It is a lot of fun. Marymae and Hogan fished for a while on the end of the pier. They're two peas in a pod, so I always watch them closely when they're together. The had a cast net and Hogan would cast it and bring it in and Marymae would help him look for whatever live treasurers they could find.
Allen held this smoke bomb so I could take his picture. I know it's crazy, but we let our kids hold smoke bombs, Roman candles, etc while they're lit. We consider them "safe" firecrackers. We held them as kids, so we figure they can too.
Hogan caught this carp in his cast net. Cool, huh? I think the fish's big orange lips want a big kiss!
Do you see the Cheetos on the deck? Beck spilled them and Benjamin decided they'd be good eatin', so he crawled around and ate them. Builds up his immune system, right?
Marymae asked is she could set off this Roman candle and hold it while it was going off. I let her, but I stood right there "supervising". She did fine.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Marymae made a yummy sand cake for America's birthday. Who wants a yummy piece of cake?
Benjamin thinks we should EAT the flag, not wave it.
Is this a knee board or a kick board or what, Marymae?
Brandon plays guitar and the kids sing.
Allen is so big. I tell him all the time I'm going to whoop his bottom if he grows anymore. He still does it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Upclose and personal

Benjamin is a ham. Anytime I get the camera out, he immediately says, "Cheese!" and wants his picture taken too! I have to oblige because he's too cute.
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Look who we saw today!

Driving by McDonald's this morning, we noticed a big purple fellow we immediately recognized as Grimmace! Marymae wasn't with us, so I ran home and got her and took her back to McDonald's to see this big guy. His trusty sidekick, Hamburglary was there also and we took this picture. (We should have had them autograph it.). Check out Marymae's "smile". She hugged Grimmace when we got there, but I think part of her still wasn't too sure about these celebrities.
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