Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marymae's ear surgery (finally posting pics)

Marymae's ear surgery went beautifully. She had her old ear tube removed and some calcified tissue cut out. Then, the doctor took a "fat plug" from the back of her ear and sewed it into the hole he made in her eardrum. All went well. We go back this week for her follow up. Now, we have to make it through the winter with no ear infections! She loved the hospital gown and loved having stitches in her ear. She showed everyone her stitches!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Jerry and I took the kids a while back to this free Christian concert at the ampitheatre at Cole park. There were a ton of people there by the time the concert started. I was shocked the Caller didn't report about this event. The news said there were 2,000-3,000 people there (big range, huh?) We had a great time with other Christians in Corpus. I couldn't help but wonder why we didn't do this more often. KLove was there and KNBJ. We had my brother's kiddos with us. We had so much fun. I ended up taking the kids to kidsplace for a while, too, so they got to go to a rock concert and play at the park. Nice.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

She cracks me up!

Marymae is very interested in wearing bras and getting big boobs. So, the other night, she put on my nursing bra. I tied it in the back for her and let her wear it around. Then, she decided her boobs were too little, so she put golf balls in my bra. Those, apparently, didn't do the trick because the next thing I knew, she had baseballs in my bra. She wore that thing around the house for a while before it was time for her bath. She cracks me up.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not the 3D movie of my day...

We went to see "Fly Me to the Moon" tonight. It is a 3D movie about flies that stowaway on Apollo 11 and go to the moon. It was good movie, but what I was really impressed with was the 3D effects. Wow! Back in the day, we wore cardboard glasses that had a blue tinted lense on one side and red tinted lense on the other. It was alright to go see a 3D movie--novel, really. But, this day and age, 3D is something to see. With surround sound and the cool plastic glasses, I'd have to say this was a great experience. Don't they all look so stylin' in their 3D glasses. Would you believe we had to pay $2.00 extra a piece to see this movie--they charge for the 3D effects and the special glasses. Hmmm. Go figure. I'm glad we went to the matinee.
Benjamin kinda liked the glasses. He played with them forever after the movie.
Marymae wore them her own way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why am I freakin' out?

Am I the only one in the world whose anxiety level is super high right now? Is it the barometric pressure or something or am I just a nut? Geez! My mind is going a hundred miles an hour--driving me crazy with all the things I need to do and all the bad things that may happen in this world. I can't stand it. Tonight I finally realized my focus is off--it needs to be on God and then everything else will fall into place. Start there first. Why do I have to be constantly reminded of the Lord's ability? Why do I "forget" to focus?

Monday, September 15, 2008


Marymae wanted to sing "Yankee Doo-Doo" today and "The Farmer in the Jail". Cute, huh?

Tonight, after I bathed her and cleaned a scab on her knee real well, she said, "Mom, my cabbage came off my owie." Cabbage, scab, same thing?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chocolate water--yum

I gave the kids fudgcicles while they were on the patio in the little pool. Benjamin kept dipping his in the water. By the time they were finished the water looked like a chocolate soldier drink.
Benjamin says, "Cheese!"

He's very serious about his fudgcicle. It was a first for him. (Tilt your head. I forgot to turn the pic.)The dogs had a little fudgcicle too. Yum.
Marymae and Benjamin were swimming "in the raw" as my Nanny says. I figured it was the backyard, nobody would see them, why dirty swimsuits? God gave us the best one. HeeHee
Had to include this one. Benjamin thought I would need a paper towel.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Benjamin ate a marker.

Marymae was coloring at the table being such a sweet angel and Benjamin wanted to watch so I put him at the table with Marymae. Next thing I knew Benjamin had eaten the tip completely off a blue marker and had scribbled a beautiful picture on the table. Luckily, Benjamin is my third kid and I have learned that markers are non-toxic and always, always, always buy washable markers.
Benjamin learned pretty quick that the marker was not very tasty. He needed a drink real bad.
I gave him a wipe to clean up his hands and face. He was very pleased with himself.
Clean, clean, clean the table.
Then, play peek-a-boo with the wipe. Then, mommy and daddy think you're so cute it doesn't matter about all the other stuff. (He also blew his nose on the wipe! It was sooo funny. If you've ever heard me blow my nose, you know it is loud. Well, Benjamin has learned to blow his nose just like me blowing raspberries into the wipe! Funny!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Guess what we did today...

Today, Allen, Marymae, Benjamin and I loaded up the car and went to Victoria to see my friend Roxi. We went to the Victoria Children's Discovery Museum and were quite impressed. This is Allen in the medical department right before he dissected a brain (fake one). I wonder if it's symbolic of what he'll become.
This was Marymae's favorite area. She had on a million outfits dancing and doing the jig on a child size stage they had. There was a curtain and all plus a puppet stage.
Mercado shopping at its finest. Allen learned a little Spanish in this area.
The most fun of the day, though, was at Aunt Roxi's "Papaw's trophy shop". Marymae and Benjamin got to sit in these chairs and Roxi's dad "PaPaw" spun them around. When we left Marymae exclaimed, "I have to go back to that trophy shop. I know Roxi's Papaw and I been there before." Who needs toys and museums when you can go to the trophy shop and spin in chairs.
Last but not least, we got to pick up Samuel's plaque for the swings. Roxi, her momma and daddy made this for us so that we can put it near the swings we purchased for our church in Samuel's memory. Isn't it a cool plaque? It is perfect for what we wanted. Jerry is going to build some kind of stand for it. They did a great job, huh? So, if you ever need anything like trophies or plaques or shirts or whatever, call Trophies of Victoria. I know them and they are super people!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More lakehouse at Cypress Cove

This is the front bedroom. We're not sure what to do with all the furniture in this cabin. Some of it we will use, but some of it is just useless to us. For example, there is a treadmill and stationary bicycle in this room. Hmmm. I can't imagine exercising at the vacation cabin.
Kitchen area. It's pretty messy, huh?
Local pool. I swam in this pool as a little girl. It's been there a long time. The baby pool was actually closed in years ago and the new lifegaurd has reopened it. It's nice. The kids love to go to the pool.
Living room area. We slept in the living area because we all want to sleep in one room. Once we get things situated we'll be able to take over one bedroom as a sleeping room instead of all sleeping in the living area.
The golf ball. This big ol' golf ball marks the road to turn on to go into Cypress Cove. As a child, we always looked for the golf ball because it told us we were almost there. Funny, huh? This thing was built in the 60's and is still there. It is huge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lakehouse at Cypress Cove

We went to the lakehouse this past weekend for Labor Day and began the process of working on the cabin. As you know, my grandmother gave us my great-grandfather's home in Cypress Cove outside of San Antonio. We are excited about this cabin and love going up there spending time with my grandparents (who go up to their cabin next door when we go to ours). We have lots of work to do on the place (cleaning, raking, trimming trees, updating, etc)

Lakehouse at Cypress Cove. Allen and Benjamin are waiting for the deer. The deer come every morning and every night to eat whatever we have to feed them. The kids love the deer. Often, the deer will eat out of your hand.
This is the back bedroom at the lakehouse. That doll is creepy, huh? My grandmother keeps a lot of stuff--dolls, hats, knick knacks, bread sacks, plastic forks, etc. So, the doll is symbolic of stuff kept through the years.
This is the bathroom. Did I say updating?
Oven. Updating? Maybe not, I kinda like the retro look of it. It works.....and it matches the stove! There used to be a blue refrigerator, too, but it broke.
Back of the house. The back of the cabin faces the woods. The porch is a great place to drink coffee in the morning and watch the deer. We plan to go up once a month or so and work a little on the place. It overwhelms me sometimes because I wonder how we'll maintain two homes. Yikes! It seems like lots of work. I was looking around my house today thinking, "how will get everything done?" And, now we're adding another home to that. I'm a very blessed and very thankful for such a wonderful gift. My children love it up there and life gets simple there. We like to say we have a vacation home with a private pool in a wooded area in the hill country. Sounds fancy, right?