Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Allen!

I know everyone brags on their kids and stuff and I know Allen isn't the greatest kid in the whole wide world to others because everyone believes their kid is the greatest kid in the world, but Allen really is the greatest kid in the world. Rarely do I ever have to get onto him, he typically is pretty happy-go-lucky, he is a wonderful big brother to Benjamin and tolerates Marymae fairly well. Today, he turned 12 and I just can't believe that 12 years ago I learned what it was like to love your own child. Do you remember that lesson? I honestly didn't know how much parents love their kids until I had a kid to love. Whoa. That moment I inhaled such sweetness. The first child taught me so much--maybe that's why they're called heroes in the birth order books, I don't know. He used to say that when he grew up he was going to marry me. He doesn't say that anymore. He says he has to leave the house and grow up and get a wife, home, kids, etc. Bummer. I'd like to just keep him forever near me.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A new if we need MORE to do.

Geocaching. My sister and a friend went geocaching and posted it on her blog and I thought it was pretty interesting. I had heard of geocaching a few years back when our friends Chad and Haley went at Hilltop. So, one day while Jerry was gone, Holley and Harley came out with their gps and we went....well, with my addictive personality and obcessive compulsive disorder, we have a new hobby. I HAD to get a gps, HAD to go geocaching right away, HAD to include it in our homeschool, HAD to buy geocoins and travel bugs. One day this past week, Allen and I went traipsing through knee deep mud after a couple of caches. What I am thinking? My laundry piled up, my house is filthy, my car looks like a dumpster, we can't go anywhere that I don't mention a cache on the way....Ug! I love it. Below is a cache in Victoria we found Thursday. It is in an ammo box. We found it under a huge fallen tree covered by debris and leaves. Nice find.

Next picture is a cache called--Gotta hand it to you. Do you get it? Allen found it and was taken aback by it--a little freaky when you're in the woods searching for a camoed container and you find a "hand".
Do you see the cache?

Now, do you?

This is the treasure in one of the caches. We took out a golf tee and a sticker and put in a toy car and a ball.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year 2009--added a little late (as usual)

We went to the lakehouse at Cypress Cove for New Years. My grandparents went also and stayed in their cabin. The trip is about three hours or so from here. Benjamin confiscated Marymae's baby doll and "fed" her for a good 10 minutes on the trip.

We have trimmed some trees and picked up some dead limbs and stuff. Can you tell? We really felt like you couldn't even tell, and we spent a whole day trimming trees and moving limbs.
Benjamin got this hat while we were there. He decided to wear it backward and play a little baseball in the cabin. Notice the antique chairs behind him and the "blue" carpet.

When we go to the cabin, we like to eat in Blanco at the bowling alley. It has really great food. Allen showed us his carpentry skills by building this great creamer pyramid. What a great homeschool kid!

And, we hung this tire swing while we were there. Isn't it great? The kids loved it (except Benjamin who can't swing on it because he's too little.) I'll have to find Benjamin a swing to hang out there; he was sad that he couldn't get on the tire swing.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look at this young kid!

I wasn't Young then, but I was young. Check out the 1980's clothes. I have on a blue and white striped pant suit with a white plastic belt. I have twist beads around my neck and some kind of mullet hair style. My 9th grade history teacher facebooked this picture to me. Aren't I cute? I was dating his nephew at the time and I was always really well behaved in his class so that he didn't think I was a moron.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Herbs, Homeopaths, Oils...Hmmm

I decided I'm a little more on the homeschool momma side of the weird than I thought. (No offense homeschool friends; you know what I mean) I decided when Benjamin was born to forgo typical vaccines and put him on a delayed vaccination schedule because I haven't been impressed with "normal" medicines and doctors and I figured we'd see what happened. All has been good. Well, then I got this nasty cold and tried a herbal product called HistaBlock (It has nettles and other things, rose hips, etc.)--I don't take cold medicine--it makes me hallucinate (not really, but it does make me feel crazy). Anyway, the HistaBlock worked and didn't make me feel drousy, freaked out, too dry, etc. So, when I got this cough I've had, I started taking Bronchial Support. I like it. (It works slowly.) So, Benjamin starts croup last night and I'm going all natural. It has worked for me, maybe it'll work for him. So, today I loaded up on some liquid herbal products--ALJ, CCA with Santa Yerba, Eucalyptus oil, etc. I made a mixture of ALJ, CCA, honey to give to him orally every 3 hours and I have slathered the poor child with eucalyptus oil. I think I've gone over the edge some. I never thought I'd forgo "conventional" medicine and experiment a little bit, but these are the things they did in the Bible days and everything else the Bible has said hasn't steered me wrong.:-) So, here we go. I continue my journey--the next thing you know, I may be getting rid of the t.v. and moving out to the country. Heck, I may be growing my own herbs some day--have a little cold, go pick some stinging nettle and eat it, son. It'll cure what ails ya!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My friends are snobs too....

Hmm. Seems I struck a nerve with some of my buddies. Heintz ketchup, Log Cabin syrup, Huggies, Jiff, Dawn....While we're on the subject, how about Dove chocolate, not Hershey's or Libby's sweet peas, not any other brand. I like liquid bath soap, not bars. I use Bounce, not Snuggle. Windex, Clorox wipes, Lysol, Comet are all my choices of cleaners. I only use Huggies unscented wipes and only Johnson's baby powder. Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the best stuff on earth in my book with Dr. Smith's being a close second and AT&T is the only cell phone carrier for me. Snobbery or preferences--in the comments Roxi had a good point. Is this snobbery or simply a strong preference? Shouldn't I just be thankful that I can buy diapers instead of using cloth that I'd have to empty out and wash? My grandmother slathered her baby's butt with Crisco--shouldn't I just be thankful for Desitin instead of scouring the aisles for Boudreaux's? Hmmm. I am a snob. There's just no getting around it.

And, as for the big ol' Christmas tree. I got one--a nine foot tall work of Christmas tree art. Ahhh. It wasn't the LED, switch 'em up lights tree I drooled over, but it is prelit with thousands of white lights. I almost put it up after we bought it, but Jerry totally objected since it was December 27th and he couldn't see the glory in it. My stubborn streak has dwindled over the years, so I just let him stow it away in the garage until next year. But, the snob in me was definately alive and well in the whole fake Christmas tree saga. I just couldn't settle for that dollar store tree....I'm a snob. There's just no getting around it. So, chalk that up on your list--Shannon is a fake Christmas tree snob also. What's a girl to do?

Next, I think I'm going to write about the things I am NOT a snob about. Like, I could care less where my clothes come from. Walmart, Goodwill, Family Dollar, Cato, etc, makes no difference to me as long as my booty and my boobs are covered.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am a snob

I have decided that I'm really not the laid back kinda gal I'd like people to believe me to be. You see, I'm a snob. I completely look down upon things that aren't as good as other things. For example, I have to buy Pampers Cruisers. There is no other diaper better than Pampers Cruisers for Benjamin. I will not buy generic diapers or just regular Pampers. See, I'm a snob. You know what else? I will only buy Peter Pan peanut butter. Yep. I'm a peanut butter snob also. I hate generic peanut butter. It just isn't as smooth. Also, I only buy Blue Bell ice cream or Ben and Jerry's. I won't buy the store brand or Blue Bunny or Dreyer's. Nope. I'm an ice cream snob. I also am a deoderant snob. I only like Secret. I won't wear Dove, Dry Idea, etc. I will not just grab ANY deoderant. It has to be Secret. What's up with that? Are you a snob about anything? Is there a product you only buy a certain brand of?