Monday, March 30, 2009

Tulsa Snow!

Jerry and I and the kids went to Tulsa last week for the soul winning workshops put on by the churches of Christ in Tulsa. We got there on Wednesday and it was pretty chilly. We drove through thunderstorms and hail in Dallas on our journey. Thursday, we went to the workshops in the morning and then the zoo in the afternoon with friends of ours and got rained on quite a bit. We got a little front on Thursday night that sent temperatures lower but not too bad and it continued to rain! Friday it rained off and on, but Saturday, oh Saturday, it began to snow! Woohoo! It began about 8:30a.m. with a rain/sleet mix, then turned to large fluffly flakes and it snowed hard all day long. It didn't let up until 5:00p.m. It was so fun. We played in it as often as we could going in and out of the buildings the workshops were in. I had to get Benjamin this hat because he didn't have one. I also bought Marymae a jacket that we could easily dust the snow off of. My biggest regret is I didn't take my camera. Ug! I used a disposable one and had the pictures developed! Talk about 1990's. Geez.

Benjamin's new hat. He hated the snow. He cried in it.
This is Allen goofing off. He's teasing me because I wouldn't let him throw huge snowballs at me.

Marymae made a snow angel. Her first!

Benjamin just cried every time we went outside. Poor baby.

The kids were throwing snowballs at me. Silly kids. It was so fun! I love snow and miss it. I wonder how many inches Tulsa ended up getting. It seemed like ten!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


These pictures were taken when Benjamin was born. He will be two next month and it hurts my heart to think he is growing so fast. I know he has to grow up, but I just want a little longer....

The picture below is Marymae with her baby that was born when Benjamin was born. Cute, huh? Look how little Marymae looks. She was three.

The picture was taken when Benjamin was two days old. This is the picture we used for his announcements, remember? Jerry took it.
This is the first time Allen held his baby brother. He wanted to be the first person to hold him other than Jerry or I.

This was my first time to hold him. It was such a wonderful moment. I had waited all day to hold him because he had been "grunting" after he was born. They didn't bring him to me until midnight--I waited a full 12 hours to hold him after he was born--compared to waiting for years to hold my baby, it wasn't all that bad, I guess. I stayed up all night nursing him and holding him and looking at him. It was a small slice of heaven.

And, this one...about an hour before delivery. We are actually outside of the hospital--one final picture before birth. My mom actually requested we take this, funny huh? If I didn't know better, I'd have thought a basketball was in my shirt. It really looks that way.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random pics from the last month or so....

I haven't been so good about blogging as I used to be. So, I decided I'd lump a bunch of pics together that don't have anything in common just to update you on our lives.

Benjamin is getting too big. He looks just like Allen did at this age.
Marymae turned 5!

We saw the globetrotters and it was soooo fun! Look how those basketball players dwarf Jerry.

Marymae tore up this tortilla at a restarant. She was "cooking".

Allen turned 12! He wanted money for his birthday because he wanted a PSP.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We got forked.

We were leaving the house this morning when we saw...

Forks--in our yard--spoons, knives, forks mostly white but not all of them stuck in our yard and written in silly string "God loves you!" Nice.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is my take on the whole thing (in case you wanted to know).

The shit has hit the fan. I don't use the word lightly. The last time I said "shit" was in December, so every three months is alright, huh? So, this is my take on the whole thing in case you were wondering. I think the church I am attending is imploding. I think Jerry and I have been through this before and came out with a whole new church of "listeners"--people who wanted to listen to the Lord. God is working in this church too and He will make a way. My prayer is that we all simply listen to our Lord. He will work everything together for good for those who love Him and I believe we have people who absolutely love the Lord. Jerry and I will do what we feel the spirit is leading us to do--it sounds so simple, but I know God will be refining us with fire as we journey through this yet again with God's people. Pray for us.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I got chewed out...

I hate getting chewed out. I really think it's one of the worst feelings in the world to get totally blasted for doing something wrong. In my case this past week, I was right, he was wrong. I hate getting chewed out when I'm right even more. But, God taught me a lesson in humility. See, I got chewed out because I asked some older people (very sweetly) who were playing 42 in the church gym to move into a classroom off of the gym so that my home school group could come in and play. I honestly had the right; the gym was reserved in my name for that time slot and everything. I asked the folks nicely if I could help them move their card table into the classroom. I apologized for the inconvenience; I did everything I could think of NOT to make them mad. But, it didn't work. The oldest gentleman there told me "It's always this way; no one respects us; first it's Greek class, now it's basketball; you can read in the bulletin just like everyone else that WE have the right to be here just as well as you..." and so on it went. No matter how many times I said, "I'm so sorry you feel that way, can we share the facility? You can have the entire classroom; I only have the gym reserved.", he still went on and on about it chewing on me and chewing on me. Geez. Finally, he stormed off while I just shook my head and wondered why he wouldn't listen to me. Had he listened, he would have understood that I had no intention of kicking them out of their area. I only needed them to go where they were signed up to be so that I could carry on with my activities where I was signed up to be. So, blah, blah, blah you're thinking--what's the point? Well, this is what I learned:
#1 I always argue with God.
#2 If I would just shut up and listen I'd understand He is just trying to move me over a bit.
#3 I have more patience than I thought I had.
#4 God used this so that I could reconnect with other older people who I have recently shirked.
#5 I need to chat with older people more--this encounter opened opportunities for me to talk with the older people in our church. Through conversation with them, I learned the last two things.
#6 Martin Luther King won the Nobel peace prize.
#7 I won the Nobel peace prize in this encounter with this cranky old man. I never in my wildest dreams believed I would stand there and take all that he had to dish out and not get angry, cry or smart off. Hmmm.

Just for the record, I talked to this older man this morning at church. I walked right up to him after church and asked to speak with him. I could see the hurt in his eyes that his behavior had caused him. His first words were, "Don't, please, don't." I told him, "I have to. I have to clear the air." and with that I reiterated how sorry I was that the mix up occurred and explained to him what it was I trying to explain that day. He was so apologetic. He told me about his daughters who are my age and how he is just a cranky old man and that I should just ignore him. I told him that I couldn't just ignore him and that I had to make sure he understood that I did respect him. He kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me and that I sure was sweet. I was grateful I kept my cool that day he hollered at me, and I was grateful for the lesson God taught me. But, all in all, I still hate getting chewed out.