Saturday, September 19, 2009

So I made these pies...

My mom's birthday was last Tuesday and I made two chocolate pies for her from scratch (except for the crust). Anyway, they came out really well despite my oven door breaking in the middle of it--I have two ovens, so everything was fine. When it's time to go, we load the children and the pies and head to Sheridan's house. We set the pies on the floor board under Benjamin so they wouldn't get stepped on and they didn't. He did take off his shoes and throw them on the floor before we got to my mom's house. This shoe obviously landed in this pie and I left it there for everyone to see. It was pretty funny. We ate it anyway. All the meringue stuck to the bottom of that shoe, so when we pulled it off, it left a "clean" area....Hmmmm.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Benjamin goes to the dentist for the 1st time!!

I am very religious about getting my children's teeth cleaned every six months. Benjamin turned two in April and when it was time to get our teeth cleaned yesterday, I had the dentist do his teeth too. He did swimmingly! (Good adjective, huh?) He got up in that chair like a trooper and opened his mouth and sat through the entire thing. He let the hygenist count his teeth, scrape a little, polish his teeth, floss and everything. Then, Dr. Perrin looked at his teeth and he did great and got a clean bill of dental health! (Even though he still nurses all night.):-) The picture below is of him getting his teeth flossed.

He is getting introduced to Mr. Thirsty in this one. He liked the sucker thingy--thought it was funny.

Polishing. He ate the polishing stuff.

Counting/scraping teeth with a pick and a mirror. He did great.

Him with his bib on. These were out of order. They started with the bib and then went up.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Julie and Julia

I went to go see Julie and Julia, the movie, about a month ago with friends from church (picture above is my buddies). It inspired me to buy the cookbook by Julia Childs Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Well, I decided to make one of the recipes. Oh my, it is obvious Julia didn't have children because there is NO WAY she could have made all those recipes with small children in her house. I made Beoff Bugeo9iedkfjieksa;jfdlj (whatever) and it was very good, but it was a challenge. There were so many steps and so many pans to wash. Each thing was cooked separately and then added all together at the end. I was wondering when we were eating if I couldn't just throw it all in there in the beginning and let it all cook that way. I have looked at her other recipes but haven't had the umph to try any more. Maybe I'll lend it out so as to not have wasted the money....Hmmmm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upon being called out...

As you know, I got called out. You know what that is right? Called out means I got told. You know what that is right? Called out means I got told which means someone made sure I understood that what I did was wrong or offensive. I've been thinking about that a lot lately because it takes some serious courage to call someone out, doesn't it? Courage and willingness to love you enough to discipline you even if you're afraid it might offend or make the person mad. I was thinking maybe we should call each other out more often. Don't you think? If we actually had the guts to call people out when we know they needed it and we did it properly (out of LOVE), I think we could actually make the world a better place. Don't you know of someone who needs to be called out? I do. So, this is my challenge, call them out. Go to them in love using scripture and encourage them to change their ways--call them out because it shows the greatest kind of love--a non-fearful, let-me-show-you-the-way kind of love that will hopefully change them for the better. We could all use a good calling out now and then, don't you think? I know I needed it.