Thursday, February 18, 2010

My girl turns 6!

My precious baby girl turned six yesterday. We had her party at McDonald's (family only--otherwise, it gets too big). She got a Nintendo DS for her birthday and a few games and assesories. She had a great day. While we were singing to her, I got a huge knot in my stomach thinking about her and where she'd be if the state had never intervened in her little life. I was awed that God chose me to be her mommy and I cannot imagine my life without her. Continually, I don't feel worthy of this calling. I'm not a perfect mom, but God still chose me. I know I disappoint Him in my earthly, motherly ways, but He still continues to bless me and tug at my heart so that I'll be the best mom He can make me be. I often wonder how God knits everything together so perfectly--so much so that an adoptive mom can love like a birth mom and so much so that a child can know no other mom than the one God has given her. I cannot explain what a wonderful showing I've seen by our Lord--a revealing, if you will, of Himself to me through this precious little girl. I've been breathed on by my Lord in so many ways, but in this little girl, His breath brought back my very life. I don't think anyone can fully understand the glory revealed to me, but my prayer is that you will know it someday through your own personal walk with Him.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010


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How can my first born be 13 already? Didn't I try to spend every waking moment slowing down this growth process? I think it's part of the reason I homeschool--to spend as much time as possible with my children before they *poof* and grow up! What in the world! My precious baby boy is needing to wear deoderant. He's almost as tall as me and making some serious plans for college and his future. At times I feel like my raising is done with him because he's got such a good head on his shoulders, but then he pops out of nowhere with a Nerf gun and shoots me and I realize he is just a kid too. I think my God for him everyday and pray that he lives with me forever.:0)