Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I always said I wasn't gonna potty train this one...

I decided soon after Benjamin was born that potty training was not something I was gonna do with Benjamin. I hate potty training and part of me belived he would just "pick it up" on his own some day. Well, to a certain extent my theory was right. One day he came to me and told me he was ready for underwear. I said o.k. and went and bought some and put them on him. He did great. He tinkled in the potty every time like a champ. Now, poop is another story, but a short one. He pooped in the potty real well as long as he was running around naked. But, the first couple of days, if he had underwear on, he pooped in them. That only happened twice. The first time I told him not to poop in his underwear and to go in the potty only. The second time, I spanked his bottom and told him not to do that again. Low and behold, he knew better. He knew where to go. He just didn't really wanna at first. So, he's finished with that. No more mishaps. No more diapers at all. He even wakes up dry. Easy. Hmm. So, I think my theory was right. Kids will potty train themselves if you wait until they're three and half or older to train them right? Hee hee. Now, let's work on weening. Naaaaa.
Oh, and, he sits on the toilet backward. Not sure how that fits my theory.
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