Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The many faces of Benjamin...

Benjamin makes the funniest faces when he talks about everyday things. I've been snapping pictures trying to make a composite of all his expressions. Here are a few.

This is a cute little smirk.
Ha ha. That's so funny.
This is his "Can you believe that?" face.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Halloween or not to Halloween, that is the question...

Seems like the circles I run in always keep me on my toes about all things "spiritual" including things I never considered spiritual. I was recently asked (again) if we "did" Halloween or not. My answer is always the same. Yes, we do Halloween. Yes, I know it's a pagan holiday. Yes, I know lots of devil worshipers are doing their thing that night also. Yes, it is a holiday that very much involves Satan. I get it. But, it doesn't convict me like it does some people. I think it's because Satan is alive and well every day and people worship him every day. My kids don't "do" Halloween because of the devil. We do Halloween in spite of the devil. God gave us a sense of humor to enjoy things like dressing up and pretending. My kids don't and won't wear devil costumes or "scary" ones. I don't decorate my house with tombstones or skeletons. I have a certain line that I don't cross. I do that with any holiday, not just Halloween. For example, at Christmas, I think it's wrong to go into debt to buy Christmas gifts. I don't do it. But, we do give gifts and we do rearrange our budget to buy them. We have to pick and choose carefully but we do spend money and we enjoy Christmas. See what I mean? In fact, I can apply the idea to the everyday. For example, television, you can watch television to the point that it is sinful. The devil works very well through the t.v. these days even in commercials and cartoons. I don't turn off the t.v. completely, but I do make the right choices about it. I think it works that way for anything you do including a holiday like Halloween. Find what it is that convicts you about it and change that thing. If it's the entire idea of it, fine, but if there is a happy medium, find it. God gives us discernment in all things. Halloween is a good opportunity to use that discernment and teach your kids about choices also.