Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the grace and blessings God gives me. Look at these three kids. I don't deserve them. God chose me to be their mom and despite how hard I try, I goof up. I fail at giving them the best, the truest form of myself. Our heavenly father perfectly gives us blessings. He gives us so much more than we could ever imagine--I try desperately to mimic that. I want the best for my children, but my selfishness gets in the way. I yell when I don't want to. I get impatient. I roll my eyes. All the things that God does not do, I do. I'm so thankful, though, that my sweet children are a forgiving bunch! They continue to love and try to obey despite my short comings. They are such a good example to me because when I'm angry with God, I really don't wanna love and try to obey. But, I know God has it all worked together for good and I'm hoping my children know I try to work it all together for good too. It's no wonder God uses our realtionships with our children as examples for His realtionship with us. I get the point.
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