Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer is so fun!

I really like summer--the heat, the sunscreen, the swimming and playing--ahhh! I seem to feel better in the summer too; I'm not sure if it's the vitamin D or what, but my soul feels brighter. This summer was no different. We swam, vacationed at the cabin, went to Fiesta Texas and filled in our days with family time outdoors and throwing scheduling to the wind. But, alas, all the fun of summer has to come to an end and here we are at the beginning of school (a little behind because of the whole appendix thing, but that's another blog entirely). I truly love homeschooling my kids and I have no regrets that is the course God chose for us and that I follow. Self assurance settles in through the year and I know I am capable of everything God calls me to do. I'm strict with our schedule and all fun has some form of "education" to it as the school year gears up. But, as school starts again I am sensitized to the responsibility I have in home educating my children--everything they learn is a direct result of my teaching. Ouch. The insecurities roll in and I wonder if I can do another school year correctly--I'm real good at summer fun, but I have my doubts about being real good at encouraging my children to love learning. I'll be teaching high school this year for the first time--just the thought of it makes me nauseated. I'll have to keep grades and a transcript which is new to me. I've always been aware of grades but now I'll have to find a more formal way of keeping them. See, I have goals every year. I know what I have to do and I know how to do it, so what's the rub? I think it's coming off the fun and irresponsibility of summer sliding into the reality of oh-know-I'm-the-teacher-we better get busy school year.
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