Monday, October 10, 2011

Me and My Girl

My sweet little girl took great care of me with my recent bout of appendicitis. She helped me do anything I needed her to do without complaint. She was very mothering to me and concerned for my well being. She was so precious. We are not always perfectly fitted, though, and occassionally, my sweet girl is not so sweet. She is very much strong willed and challenging, hyper and exhaustingly busy. I struggle with raising her and not getting frustrated with her antics. But in that same breath, I can say, she can memorize scripture like a pro, tells people about the Lord and ministers to those around her who are sad or scared. She has a heart for obedience to the Lord and that is so important to me and Jerry. As I continue on this journey of raising this precious gift, I constantly have to keep myself in check to make sure that what I do or say to this little girl is Biblical. Some of my challenges with her are her high need for drama, her need to touch, lick, smack everything she comes into contact with, and her huge messes of toys, art supplies and "junk". Recently, I had to tell her, "don't lick your cheese, just eat it" and "quit bucking on the couch like a donkey". Hmmm. I have to wonder if that is normal.;0) As I continue daily to raise her, I feel like I fail more than I succeed in the things I say to her and do for her as a mom. I feel like I get frustrated quickly or ignore her more than her siblings. I don't want that for her. I want her to feel just as much love as the boys do. I don't want her to be the child that is always in trouble or the child that doesn't get privileges because she makes poor choices. Unfortunately, she is the child that doesn't respond to discipline well and will continue the same mistakes over and over. I'm not sure how to handle that or how to instill in her the desire to obey--I ask her why she makes poor choices and she tells me she doesn't know. Not to make excuses for her, but I honestly don't think she has any idea why she disobeys. I think she just does whatever she wants to do no matter the consequesnces because she can't help herself. Is that even possible? Or, is it that I haven't found the right discipline technique for her? I wish she came with a manual--one that tells me what to do in order to get the desired result. Of course, the most important result I want for her is for her to be a strong, dedicated Christian woman who loves the Lord and lives to serve Him. Then, does all of this really matter? Who cares if she licks her cheese or bucks on the couch, right? Or, wrong? Does obedience to your parents instill obedience to the Lord? How does my raising her in the little things matter in the big things? Where do you draw the line?
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Audra Caldwell said...

Oh man sister!!! Are you in my head or what! I wonder all of those same things everyday. Am I enough, How messed up are my kids going to be if I can't get this parenting thing together. But here is the conclusion I have come across... I have weaknesses because I have to depend on God to help me through. If I could do everything perfect I wouldn't need Him! The same with you and your sweet girl. If we were perfect all the time, then we wouldn't need a Savior. BUT WE DO, and thankfully we have one. One, that Gave himself fully to us, to make us whole, to make us enough. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says to us: My Grace is Sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness!

Now I don't know if cheese licking is an issue for Paul(2 corinthinans) or not :) but I am sure that God is El Shaddai, All sufficient, and as long as we are allowing Him to be our guide, His Grace will cover our weaknesses! Mine, Yours, and Sweet Girls and Boys that disobey...even when they don't know why. :) Praise God for being ALL SUFFICIENT!

Love you sweet Friend!